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Counting Opinions   ... committed to your excellence
Comprehensive, cost-effective, real-time solutions designed for libraries, in support of customer insight, operational improvements and advocacy efforts.
LibSat Customer Feedback Management Service   ... the means to measure customer satisfaction
At last, an instantaneous, continuous customer feedback system that puts meaningful, actionable data at your fingertips. 

LibSat is a powerful new tool enabling libraries to continuously measure Customer Satisfaction and the impacts and outcomes of various improvements, over time. And, it's cost-effective too.

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LibPAS - Library Performance Assessment Service  Library Performance Assessment
Perform. Measure. Improve.

LibPAS enables libraries and library systems to collect, review, approve and report on the quantitative aspects (performance metrics) of Library performance. LibPAS provides real-time and on-demand access to data for operational and advocacy purposes. The system features seamless integration with all Counting Opinions services and enables peer benchmarking that incorporates qualitative (LibSat) and quantitative (LibPAS) results.

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Custom Advocacy Solutions
When the Federation of Ontario Public Libraries, serving a 10+ million population through some 325 library systems with approximately 1000 library locations, decided to hold a major advocacy contest, Counting Opinions provided a fully automated library geo-locator, contest entry capture (including paper entries) and rules compliance, public and public library staff entry voting and entry short-listing system. The system also provides secure access to local library reports and related contest entries for advocacy purposes.

Contact us at to explore options.    ... putting your library on the map
A free directory and real-time, on-demand, library mapping and locator system, includes simple yet powerful, public library self-management functionality and custom searchable maps.
No matter the approach,
whether formal or informal, continuous measurement is an essential component
of any process improvement. 

Because today's constant is change - monitoring the voice and view of the customer should be done


All business goals involving "improvements" should have the customer in mind.  In fact the success of any "improvement" can be measured solely
based on customer impact.


November 2007

March 2007

Independent Reviews
are now available.

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Counting Opinions supports dejure and defacto standards-based approaches to continuous improvement of customer satisfaction.